Research Summit '14

The nief-norf Research Summit (nnRS) on Music and/as Process will be held at Furman University (Greenville, SC) from Friday, May 30 - Saturday, May 31, 2014.

Friday, May 30
     7:00-7:30pm Conference Registration in Daniel Music Building, Furman University, outside Daniel Recital Hall

   7:30pm: nnRS Opening Remarks /  Concert
featuring works by Jo Kondo, Christopher Adler, Judd Greenstein, Tom Johnson, Lou Harrison, and Lei Liang
performed by nief-norf Summer Festival Performance Fellows

Saturday, May 31
     7:30am Registration and Coffee
     8:00-9:00am: Opening Keynote: Phil Ford, author of Dig: Sound and Music in Hip Culture

9:00-9:15am COFFEE

Session 1: Collaborative Processes (Harper Hall)
     9:15am: Will Robin (UNC Chapel Hill), "Songs for Shara: Pop-Classical Collaboration as Process"
     9:45am: Rebecca McDaniel (Furman University), "Audience Environmental Awareness at Performances of John Luther Adams' Inuksuit"

10:15am- 10:30 COFFEE

Session 2: Art/Music Processes (Harper Hall)
     10:30am: Kerry O'Brien (Indiana University), "Pulsa's Group Processes"
     11:00pm: D. Edward Davis (Duke University), "Some Aspects of Process in General and Exhaustive and Intuitive Musical Processes in Particular"

 11:30am: David Lang, so-called laws of nature (Daniel Recital Hall)
performed by nief-norf Summer Festival Performance Fellows

12:00PM-12:45pm LUNCH [provided onsite for nnRS participants]

12:45pm - 1:30pm: John Luther Adams, songbirdsongs (Daniel Recital Hall)
performed by nief-norf Summer Festival Performance Fellows

Session 3: Notation and Instrumentation Processes (Harper Hall)

     1:45pm: William Fried (Davidson College), "Notating the Learning Process: Exploring/Exploiting Psychological Implications of Synonymous Modes of Representation in Contemporary Music Practice"
     2:15pm: Michael Truesdell (Rutgers University), "Movement and Gesture in the Music of Mark Applebaum"
     2:45pm: Casey McLellan (Williams College), "Interactions of Process and Spatial Design in the Halberstadt Keyboard"

3:15-3:30pm COFFEE

Session 4: Process in the Music of Steve Reich (Harper Hall)
     3:30pm: Jason Jedlička (Indiana University), "Exploring Augmentation in Steve Reich's Double Sextet"
     4:00pm: Twila Bakker (Bangor University), "Post-Process? Charting Steve Reich's Pattern-Based Approach in Vermont Counterpoint."

nief-norf Summer Festival Guest Artist Presentation 
     4:30pm Russell Hartenberger (University of Toronto), "Drumming as a Gradual Process"

5pm - 7:30pm DINNER BREAK

8:00pm Steve Reich, Drumming 
Featuring Guest Artist Russell Hartenberger, member of Nexus and Steve Reich and Musicians
(Daniel Recital Hall)

9:30pm Downtown Greenville: drinks + hang

The nief-norf Research Summit will be held concurrently with the Second Annual Conference of the Music and/as Process Study Group at Canterbury Christ Church University. We will be collaborating, corresponding, and interacting through various social media throughout the Music and/as Process weekend. 

REGISTRATION (for non-presenting guests)

nnRS full day pass (Saturday): $10. This pass can be purchased at the conference registration desk outside of Daniel Recital Hall.

nnSF concerts: all concerts are free of admission to nnRS participants. For visitors, we encourage a suggested $10 donation per concert.


A list of hotels in the Greenville area. When booking your hotel, be sure to ask for the "Furman Friends and Family" rate. These rates are only available by booking via the local telephone number provided on this website. The Hampton Inn in Traveler's Rest (not Greenville) has been a favorite of nnRS participants in the past.

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