For the past six years, the Nief-Norf Summer Festival has featured an academic conference within the larger 14-day festival. As part of the festival, dozens of performers, composers, festival faculty, and participating scholars attend these research gatherings. Conference topics have included the music of John Cage (2012), Music and Technology (2013), Music and/as Process (2014), Music as Theater (2015), Astro-Bio-Geo-Physical Music (2016), the Sixth International Conference on Music and Minimalism (2017), and New Asia (2018).

You are kindly invited to submit proposals for “Genre Lines,” a conference embedded within the 2019 Nief-Norf Summer Festival on June 14-15, 2019. In this conference, we will examine music that has defied, reaffirmed, and/or blurred the boundaries of genre in experimental music of the past 50 years. We seek to ask who and what gets included and excluded when genre lines are drawn.

The conference will feature talks and performances centered on the music of our guest artists, including composer-clarinetist James Falzone, composer Sarah Kirkland Snider, and trumpeter-composer Wadada Leo Smith, who will give the conference keynote.

Learn more about the Research Summit here.