Contemporary chamber music [performance + composition + research]

**Please note: the format and dates of this event have changed**

The nief-norf Research Summit (nnRS) invites lecture proposals for its 2015 gathering, held June 7 - 20 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This year’s Lecture Series, held throughout the 10-day nief-norf Summer Festival, will examine the topic “Music as Theater." Since the festival focuses on post-1900 experimental musics, we encourage lectures on 20th and 21st-century topics.

Lecture topics might include but are not limited to:

  • Papers on Fluxus, happenings, group improvisations, site-specific works (by artists and composers such as Alan Kaprow, Pauline Oliveros, Nam June Paik, Alison Knowles)
  • Composers who notate gesture and motion into their works (e.g. Mark Applebaum, Mauricio Kagel, Vinko Globokar, Georges Aperghis)
  • Physical and theatrical aspects of music performance 
  • Examinations of text scores or event scores 
  • Works employing spoken voice
  • Installation or site-specific works

Proposals (max. 300 words) are invited for 40-minute lectures or 60-minute lecture recitals. 

Deadline: Please e-mail proposals as PDF attachments to Proposals are due April 12, 2015. In your email, please suggest proposed date(s) for your lecture (between June 7-20).

The nief-norf Research Summit (nnRS) Lecture Series is an academic series embedded in the larger nief-norf Summer Festival. As part of the festival, dozens of performers, composers, festival faculty, and participating scholars attend the Lecture Series. Past summits have featured topics such as the music of John Cage (2012), Music and Technology (2013), and Music and/as Process (2014).

Watch video highlights from the 2014 Research Summit on Music and/as Process: