2014 nief-norf Research Summit on Music and/as Process 

Friday, May 30 - Saturday, May 31, 2014.

   7:30pm: nnRS Opening Remarks /  Concert

featuring works by Jo Kondo, Christopher Adler, Judd Greenstein, Tom Johnson, Lou Harrison, and Lei Liang

Saturday, May 31

     8:00-9:00am: Opening Keynote: Phil Ford, author of Dig: Sound and Music in Hip Culture

9:00-9:15am COFFEE

Session 1: Collaborative Processes (Harper Hall)

     9:15am: Will Robin (UNC Chapel Hill), "Songs for Shara: Pop-Classical Collaboration as Process"

     9:45am: Rebecca McDaniel (Furman University), "Audience Environmental Awareness at Performances of John Luther Adams' Inuksuit"

10:15am- 10:30 COFFEE

Session 2: Art/Music Processes (Harper Hall)

     10:30am: Kerry O'Brien (Indiana University), "Pulsa's Group Processes"

     11:00pm: D. Edward Davis (Duke University), "Some Aspects of Process in General and Exhaustive and Intuitive Musical Processes in Particular"


 11:30am: David Lang, so-called laws of nature (Daniel Recital Hall)

performed by nief-norf Summer Festival Performance Fellows

12:00PM-12:45pm LUNCH [provided onsite for nnRS participants]


12:45pm - 1:30pm: John Luther Adams, songbirdsongs (Daniel Recital Hall)

performed by nief-norf Summer Festival Performance Fellows


Session 3: Notation and Instrumentation Processes (Harper Hall)

     1:45pm: William Fried (Davidson College), "Notating the Learning Process: Exploring/Exploiting Psychological Implications of Synonymous Modes of Representation in Contemporary Music Practice"

     2:15pm: Michael Truesdell (Rutgers University), "Movement and Gesture in the Music of Mark Applebaum"

     2:45pm: Casey McLellan (Williams College), "Interactions of Process and Spatial Design in the Halberstadt Keyboard"

3:15-3:30pm COFFEE

Session 4: Process in the Music of Steve Reich (Harper Hall)

     3:30pm: Jason Jedlička (Indiana University), "Exploring Augmentation in Steve Reich's Double Sextet"

     4:00pm: Twila Bakker (Bangor University), "Post-Process? Charting Steve Reich's Pattern-Based Approach in Vermont Counterpoint."


nief-norf Summer Festival Guest Artist Presentation

     4:30pm Russell Hartenberger (University of Toronto), "Drumming as a Gradual Process"

5pm - 7:30pm DINNER BREAK

8:00pm Steve Reich, Drumming

Featuring Guest Artist Russell Hartenberger, member of Nexus and Steve Reich and Musicians

(Daniel Recital Hall)


The nief-norf Research Summit will be held concurrently with the Second Annual Conference of the Music and/as Process Study Group at Canterbury Christ Church University. We will be collaborating, corresponding, and interacting through various social media throughout the Music and/as Process weekend.