nief-norf Research Summit on music and technology (post-1945) 

May 31 - June 1 at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Friday May 31

     7:00-7:30pm Conference Registration in Daniel Music Building, Furman University, outside Daniel Recital Hall

     7:30pm: nnRS Opening Remarks, Daniel Recital Hall

     7:30pm: nnRS Opening Concert, performed by nief-norf Summer Festival Performance Fellows, featuring works by Kate Neal, Steve Reich, John Cage, Mark Applebaum, John Luther Adams, Louis Andriessen, Bryan Christian, and Travis Alford.  RSVP here.

Saturday, June 1

     8:30am Registration and Coffee

     9:00-9:45am: Opening Keynote: Scott Deal, "Stepping Through the Door"

(IUPUI Professor of Music and Director of the Donald Tavel Arts Technology Research Center)

9:45am-10:00am COFFEE

Session 1. Modern Tech: Loops, Virtual Choirs, and Skeuomorphs

     10:00am: Heather Holmquest (University of Oregon) "Layered Improvisation and the Theory of Musical Forces in the Music of Andrew Bird"

     10:30am: Joanna Helms (Indiana University) "Conflicts of Participation and Inclusivity in Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir"

     11:00am: Michael Austin (Missouri Western State University) "Digital Music Interfaces: The Political Economy of Skeuomorphic Design"

11:30-11:45am COFFEE

Session 2. Electronics and the Process of Production/Composition

     11:45am: Adam Shanley (University of Oregon) "Electronics as Necessity to Compositional Evolution and as Binding Agent"

     12:15pm: Ilario Meandri (University of Turin, Italy) "1967: The Year of the 'Ambient Machine': Local Adaption of Global Technologies in the Italian Film Sound Post-Production Process of the Late Sixties"

12:45pm-2:15pm LUNCH (provided for nnRS presenters)

Session 3. Technology in Composition and Performance

     2:15pm: Michael Drews (IUPUI) "Idiomatic Compositional and Performance Strategies for Computer-Based Instruments"

     2:45pm: Kerry O'Brien (Indiana University) "Steve Reich and Technology in the 1970s"

3:45-4:00 COFFEE

Session 4. Composing and Performing with Tech

     4:00pm: Mike Truesdell (The Juilliard School) "Performing Kontakte"

     4:30pm: D. Edward Davis (Duke University) "passing lands: Technology and Storytelling (in the Digital Age)"

passing lands (performance excerpts, featuring Mark Carlson)

5:30pm Scott Deal: nnRS Guest Artist Feature Concert

Daniel Recital Hall - RSVP here

7:30pm: Downtown Greenville: dinner, drinks, hang

On Sunday, June 2 (2pm-7pm), pianist R. Andrew Lee will perform Dennis Johnson's 5-hour piano solo NovemberFull details and RSVP here.