contemporary chamber music [performance + composition + research]

nief-norf Summer Festival, May 27-June 7, 2014

‡ = world premiere
* = Call for Scores winner


Christopher Adler (composition)
Molly Barth (performance/flute)
Andrew Bliss (performance/percussion)
Omar Carmenates (performance/percussion)
Andrea Violet Lodge (performance/piano)
Kerry O’Brien (performance/percussion/research)
Anna Thorvaldsdottir (composition)
Mike Truesdell (performance/percussion)
Ashley Walters (performance/cello)

Guest Artists

Elliot Cooper Cole, composer
Russel Hartenberger, percussion
Aaron Helgeson, composer *


Hannah Carlson, Intern
Evan Monroe Chapman, Videographer
Alex Fraga, Intern
Kristen Klehr, Festival Manager
Warren LaFever, Photographer
Katrina Leshan, Intern
Colin McCall, Intern

Performance Fellows

Brian Allred, Luke Davis, Alexis Evers, Cassandra Lear, Zoe Sorrell (flute)
Olivia Guttfreund (violin)
Thea Mesirow (cello)
Frank Meadows (double bass)
Aaron Butler, Jonathan Clancy, Jordan Curcuruto, Colin Frank, Elliott Harrison, Katelyn King, Colin McCall, Kevin O'Connor, Ryan Patterson, Eric Retterer, Alexv Rolfe, Matthew Shaver (percussion)

Composition Fellows

Brandon Becker, Adam Borecki, Matthew Browne, Sam Ferris-Morris, Peter Kramer, Marx Mixter, Charles Rudig, Sarah Seelig, David Voss

Research Summit Participants

Phil Ford (keynote speaker)
Twila Bakker, Eddie Davis, William Fried, Jason Jedlicka, Casey McClellen, Rebecca McDaniel, Will Robin, Mike Truesdell


John Luther Adams, songbirdsongs
Christopher Adler, Ecstatic Volutions in a Neon Haze
Joanna Bailie, On and Off 2
Brandon Becker, Timbre Study
Adam Borecki, Three Percussion Duets
Matthew Browne, States of Mind, II: Those Who Go
Elliot Carter, Mnemosyne
Nicholas Deyoe, 2 fl
Nicholas Deyoe, for Stephanie (on our wedding day)
Tan Dun, Snow in June
Roshanne Etezady, Smoke in Mirrors
Samuel Ferris-Morris, Apertures
Christopher Fox, relliK
Michael Gordon, Timber
Judd Greenstein, I Oscillate
Wally Gunn, Can You Hear Me?
Yotam Haber, Purity Guaranteed 
Lou Harrison, Ariadne
Lou Harrison, Concerto for Flute and Percussion
Aaron Helgeson, Nothing from nothing (is black are white) * ‡
Philippe Hurel, Tombeau in Memoriam Gerard Grisey
Tom Johnson, Infinite Melodies
Jo Kondo, Under the Umbrella
Peter Kramer, Whither Often Comes  
David Lang, So-Called Laws of Nature
Lei Liang, Lake
Ricardo Lorenz, Merengue in the Mirror
Mary F. Mixter, Chiaroscuro  
Krzysztof Penderecki, Duo Concertante
John Psathas, Waiting: Still
Steve Reich, Drumming
Charles Rudig, A Spectre  
Frederic Rzewski, Milton
Frederic Rzewski, Tootle-oo
Kaija Saariaho, Cendres
Kaija Saariaho, Ciel Etoilé
Kaija Saariaho, Serenatas
Sarah Seelig, she is divine wisdom, II: terra  
Steven Snowden, Long Distance
John Supko, the devouring shore  
John Supko, This Window Makes Me Feel...
Toru Takemitsu, Masque
Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Hidden
David Voss, Porch Swing  
Guo Wenjing, Parade
Amy Williams, Cineshape I  
Iannis Xenakis, Paille in the Wind
Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, Cantiga del Merolico