contemporary chamber music [performance + composition + research]

nief-norf Summer Festival, May 28-June 8, 2013

‡ = world premiere
* = Call for Scores winner


Christopher Adler (composition)
Andrew Bliss (performance/percussion)
Omar Carmenates (performance/percussion)
R. Andrew Lee (performance/piano)
Kerry O’Brien (performance/percussion/research)
Mike Truesdell (performance/percussion)
Ashley Walters (performance/cello)
Evan Ziporyn (composition) 

Guest Artists

Travis Alford, composer *
Bryan Christian, composer *
Scott Deal, percussion & research summit keynote speaker
Nicholas Deyoe, composer *
Michael Drews, electronics
Lewis Nielson, composer *
Erzsebet Gaal Rinne, harp


Kristen Klehr, Festival Manager
Warren LaFever, Photographer
Colin McCall, Intern

Performance Fellows

Logan Ball, Robbie Bowen, Patricia Carter, Corey Denham, Katelyn King, David Luidens, Casey McLellan, Thea Mesirow, Kevin O’Conner, Ben Prima, Alexv Rolfe, Chris Salvito, Alex Tasker, Jessica Tsang, Colin Walker

Composition Fellows

Matt Gunby, Nicole Gutman, Young-jin Jeon, Mark Lackey, Liza Sobel, Ben Wylie

Research Summit Participants

Scott Deal (keynote speaker)
Michael Austin, D. Edward Davis, Michael Drews, Joanna Helms, Heather Holmquest, Ilario Meandri, Adam Shanley, Mike Truesdell


John Luther Adams, Red/Arc Blue Veil
John Luther Adams, Strange and Sacred Noise
Louis Andriessen, Workers Union
Travis Alford, Froschteichmusik *
Mark Applebaum, Go, Dog, Go!
Steve Blumberg, Scrabble
Earle Brown, December, 1952
John Cage, But What About the Noise of Crumpling Paper...
Bryan Christian, Combination *
Elliot Cole, Postludes #6, #8
Scott Deal, Ester Parade
Scott Deal, Goldstream Variations
Scott Deal, Jackwalk
Nicholas Deyoe, Another Anxiety
Nicholas Deyoe, wir aber sind schon anders *
Michael Drews, Infrastructure
Michael Drews, Surveillance
Jacob Druckman, Reflections on the Nature of Water
Vinko Globokar, Toucher
Matt Gunby, The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Nicole Gutman, There’s Nothing to be Afraid of
Young-jin Jeon, Rhapsody, Part II
Dennis Johnson, November [performed by R. Andrew Lee]
Mark Kilstofte, You [unfolding]
Mark Lackey, Suspension of Disbelief
David Lang, Little Eye
Elainie Lillios, The Rush of the Brook Stills the Mind
Andrew McIntosh, Another Secular Calvinist Creed
Steve Mackey, See Ya Thursday
Kate Neal, What Hath II
Lewis Neilson, Tocsin *
Steve Reich, Marimba Phase
Bill Ryan, Blurred
Michele Sanna, Les Bons Biscuits Qui Font Saliver
Stuart Saunders Smith, Three Winter Carols
Liza Sobel, Interlocking Duos
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Vibra Elufa
Alejandro Vinao, Khan Variations
Kevins Volans, Asanga
Ben Wylie, Event/Investigation
Iannis Xenakis, Rebonds B
Evan Ziporyn, Where Was I?