contemporary chamber music [performance + composition + research]

nief-norf Summer Festival, June 1-10, 2011

‡ = world premiere
* = Call for Scores winner


Christopher Adler (composer-in-residence)
Andrew Bliss (performance/percussion)
Omar Carmenates (performance/percussion)
Kerry O’Brien (performance/percussion)
Bill Sallak (performance/electronics)
Mike Truesdell (performance/percussion)
Erin Walker (performance/percussion) 

Guest Artist

Ryan Nestor, percussion


Megan Arns, Intern
Kira Dralle, Photographer

Performance Fellows

Justin Alexander, Tim Briones, Aaron Butler, Josh Caprell, Sean Conners, Greg Dills, Amy Garapic, Matt Geiger, Caleb Herron, Carlos Johnson, Chris Jones, Will Keith, Luis Rivera, Alexv Rolfe, Scott Strickland, Cassandra Thielen, Ben Tomlinson


John Luther Adams - Qilyaun
Christopher Ader - Bear Woman Dances iii. Nongak
Christopher Adler - Pines Long Slept in Sunshine
Christopher Adler - Signals Intelligence
Mark Applebaum - Straitjacket
David Crowell - The Day After...
Mario Davidovsky - Synchronisms No. 5
Dennis DeSantis -  Shifty
Franco Donatoni - Omar
Michael Finnissy - Hinomi
John Fitz-Rodgers - Once Removed
Philip Glass - 1 + 1
Vinko Globokar - ?Corporel
David Lang - String of Pearls
Scott Lindroth - Bell Plates
Alexander Lunsqui - Shi
Caroline Mallonee - North South East West *
Steve Reich - Drumming mvt. 1
Steve Reich - Sextet
Steve Reich - Six Marimbas
Roger Reynolds - Watershed
Terry Riley -  In C
Stuart Saunders Smith - Angels
Steven Snowden - A Man with a Gun Lives Here *
James Tenney - Having Never Written a Note for Percussion
Iannis Xenakis - Peaux from Pleaides
John Zorn - Cobra