Nief-Norf is a Knoxville-based, multi-tiered contemporary music organization devoted to fostering creative work among musical interpreters, composers, and scholars. Nief-Norf presents and performs contemporary chamber music in ways that explore the breadth and depth of the repertoire. Their focus on flexible repertoire-based instrumentation allows the ensemble to connect Knoxville’s most voracious ears with outstanding works of the 20th Century as well as new commissions and collaborations.

Contributions from our community have helped us become a "cutting-edge laboratory for 21st-century music" (Knoxville Mercury). Nief-Norf is funded in part by foundations and ticket sales, but we depend on individual donations to bolster our innovative programming, exceptional performances, and education programs.

Nief-Norf is raising money so that we can continue this growth! We are so proud of our 9 summer festivals, hundreds of summer festival fellows, and countless concerts since our beginnings in 2005. While we're ready for a vacation after the intensity of a great summer festival, we are more motivated than ever to make more 'norf. But, we need your help to do that. Please join us in our summer fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $4,000 by July 7th. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit makes a big difference. Can you help us?


The Nief-Norf Summer Festival (nnSF19) at The University of Tennessee is a 2 week residency and musical think tank for composers, performers, and music technologists. We had such an incredible nnSF19—two weeks of pure creativity! Thank you to everyone who participated, taught, listened, shared, mentored, donated, and more. We are also grateful for those that were with us for Genre Lines New Music Weekend Summit. It was truly an inspiring weekend. Visit our Facebook page to see videos and photos from this year’s rehearsals and concerts.

The Nief-Norf Summer Festival made me experience an infinite amount of thoughts, sounds, sights, ideas and emotions. It brought me into contact with many incredibly prolific and passionate musicians who also are hooked on this world of whacky and enchanting sounds with a thirst to celebrate and create much more. I was given the opportunity to play pieces that may not have been so easy to facilitate back home. The intensity of workshopping with world-class faculty and many performance opportunities imbued me with heightened confidence that I can tackle challenging repertoire no matter how gnarly it appears on the page. At Nief-Norf I was able to unleash my musical identity. I felt completely welcomed into the outstretched arms of the festival and through the pieces I played, the people I met and the things I experienced. I was invigorated and in many ways rejuvenated.
— Phoebe Bognár, nnSF18 Performance Fellow