We are pleased to announce three winning selections from the 2018 Call for Scores! This year we received 95 submissions from 65 composers all around the world. We selected three compositions that will be programmed during the 2018 Nief-Norf Summer Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee. The winning selections are:

Pangkur, by Juro Kim Feliz
Echoes of Home, by Jinhee Han

and in our new young composer category:
Haikus sin Palabras, by Tomás La Porta

Please note, the deadline for the 2018 Call for Scores has already passed.

Each year the nnSF Call for Scores invites submissions of contemporary scores for chamber ensemble that are performed by Performance Fellows at the annual Nief-Norf Summer Festival. Composers of selected compositions will be invited to attend the festival and coach festival students and faculty in the preparation of the work.

The 2018 nnSF Call for Scores invites submissions of contemporary scores related to the research conference theme of New Asia. The call is open to all composers without restriction, and the connection to the theme may pertain to the music, the instrumentation, the subject matter, or the identity of the composer, and is open to creative interpretation. 

We invite submissions of works for chamber ensemble (3-12 players) for any of the following instruments: 

  • guitar (acoustic or electric)
  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • double bass
  • voice
  • flute (all family)
  • clarinet (all family)
  • oboe
  • bassoon
  • saxophone (all family)
  • trumpet
  • horn
  • trombone
  • tuba
  • piano
  • harp
  • percussion


Composer-performers using instruments not on this list, especially non-Western instruments, may also submit works that include themselves as a performer. 

We welcome any of the following: scores requiring two or more of the same instrument (such as percussion ensemble or string quartet); works including improvisation, electronics, indeterminate notation or instrumentation; works that have been performed, recorded or published. All interested composers, at any point in their career are eligible to apply.

Submission fee: $15 for the first composition, $10 for each additional work (up to five).

Submission deadline: January 15, 2018


Details: Selections will be made in part based on the instruments of enrolled fellows in the Performance Workshop. If your score is selected, you will be invited and expected to attend the nnSF 2018, during a three-day period determined by the rehearsal and performance schedule. Composers will be given the opportunity to work directly with the fellows in preparation for a performance of their pieces. Selected composers will not be required to pay registration or tuition and will be offered accommodations for two nights and meals for three days. However, travel will not be covered or reimbursed. 

Call for Scores Application Requirements:

Applicants should submit:

1) Completed Call for Scores Competition Submission Form including submission fee (when you submit the form, you will be provided a PayPal link to pay the submission fee).

2) Email to containing the following items:

  • PDF of the submission(s)
  • PDF of Program Notes and Performance History for the submission(s)
  • A brief explanation of the connection of your submission to the conference theme New Asia (see the Research Page for more details). Submissions without this explanation will not be considered. 
  • Audio ( .mp3) recordings of the work(s), or links to on-line recordings, if available (not required, MIDI versions accepted). Video files will not be accepted. If you have a video, post it on-line with a service such as Youtube and send us a link. 
  • A brief bio

Please scan any hand-written materials. For large files, please use a file-sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Questions? Send us a note to


Past Winners

2017 Carolyn Chen, Sentence
2017 Viet Cuong, Water, Wine, Brandy, Brine
2017 Brooks Frederickson, Fat Quarter
2016 Shiuan Chang, Monk
2016 Nicole Murphy, Stolen
2016 Filippo Santoro, Per quattro
2016 Brian Simalchik, Seven Songs
2015 Beavan Flanagan, L’essence perd son sens
2015 Robert Honstein, Is it Auburn?
2015 Sid Richardson, Astrolabe
2014 Aaron Helgeson, nothing from nothing (is black are white)
2013 Travis Alford, Froschteichmusik
2013 Bryan Christian, Combination
2013 Nicholas Deyoe, wir aber sind schon anders
2013 Lewis Nielson, Tocsin
2012 Samuel Andreyev, Stopping