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Inuksuit @ Ijams Nature Center

Using a small army of 99 percussionists from across the country, playing conch shells, airhorns, sirens, gongs, maracas, drums, cymbals, and glockenspiels, this 79-minute work is designed to heighten our awareness of the sights and sounds that surround us every day. The work is deeply influenced by the composer’s belief that “music can contribute to the awakening of our ecological understanding. By deepening our awareness of our connections to the earth, music can provide a sounding model for the renewal of human consciousness and culture.”

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In the composer John Luther Adams’ own words:

My music has always been rooted in the earth. For over thirty-five years I’ve composed music inspired by the outdoors, to be heard indoors. After hearing my percussion cycle Strange and Sacred Noise performed in the Anza-Borrego desert, the New England woods, and on the tundra of the Alaska Range, I was moved to create a large-scale work conceived specifically to be performed outdoors.

Inuksuit is inspired by the stone sentinels constructed over the centuries by the Inuit in the windswept expanses of the Arctic. The Inuktitut word translates literally: “to act in the capacity of the human”. This work is haunted by the vision ofthe melting of the polar ice, the rising of the seas, and what may remain of humanity’s presence after the waters recede. How does where we are define what we do and who we are? How do we understand the brevity of our human presence in the immensity of geologic time? What does it mean to act creatively with and within our environment?

The musicians of Inuksuit are dispersed over a large area. Listeners, too, are invited to move around freely and discover their own individual listening points. There is no preferred listening point, no “best seat in the house”. Rather, every listening point is potentially the best seat. You may choose to root yourself in a central location for the entire performance, listening as the music gradually expands to fill the site. Or you may choose to wander freely, following wherever your ears may lead you, discovering musical moments and spaces that no other listener may ever hear.

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Unsilent Night: Knoxville

Unsilent Night: Knoxville

We invite you to join us for Boombox Christmas Caroling with Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night!

Phil Kline's Unsilent Night is a free outdoor participatory sound sculpture of many individual parts, recorded on cassettes, CDs, and mp3s, and played through a roving swarm of boomboxes carried through city streets every December. People bring their own boomboxes and drift peacefully through a cloud of sound which is different from every listener's perspective. Since 1992, this 45-minute work has grown into a worldwide annual communal event that has become an essential part of many winter holiday celebrations.

With your help, we will create this roving sound installation, where boomboxes replace voices in a holiday caroling event like no other! You bring a boombox, cassette tape player, iPod/iPhone/iPad with speakers, or any other media playing device you wish, and nief-norf will supply a CD, cassette tape, or digital download of one of the four parts of the piece. We all press play together, and walk through the streets of downtown Knoxville, creating a cacophony of bells, voices, and reverberant joy that will make heads turn on every corner.

Here's a short video from last year's Unsilent Night in Knoxville:

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Timber Tour Fall 2013

Michael Gordon's work TIMBER is an evening-length tour de force scored for six graduated wooden Simantras. Gordon's composition brings the physicality, endurance, and technique of percussive art to a new level. In this evening-length work, Gordon shapes sound in both polyrhythmic and dynamic waves of textures - often each player's hands are in separate rhythmic "worlds," each traversing a different dynamic trajectory from loud to soft, soft to loud.

The nief-norf Project's seven-evening tour of Timber - October 12-19, 2013. 


Chattanooga, TN: Saturday, October 12, 8PM: Barking Legs Theater - Full event info

Knoxville, TN: Monday, October 14, 8PM: University of Tennessee - Full event info

Atlanta, GA: Tuesday, October 15, 8PM: Erikson Clock - Goat Farm Arts Center Satellite - Full event info

Cincinnati, OH: Wednesday, October 16, 7PM: Experimental Music at the Library - Full event info

Lexington, KY: Thursday,  October 17, 8PM: WRFL Lexington - University of Kentucky - Full event info

Asheville, NC: Friday, October 18, 9PM: Apothecary - Full event info

Columbia, SC: Saturday, October 19, 8PM: Conundrum - Full event info

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